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Life Coach, Elaine Sarantakos

So you think you may be interested in life coaching working with me? Read more to see if we are a match and how I can help you with you

Life Coaching is a designed partnership with a supportive focus on strategically bringing your dreams into realization. It’s about accepting and owning your own power to creatively live your fabulous life of choice. In a non-judgmental environment, we work on your true strengths, values and beliefs to discover your purpose and inner truth. Life coaching creates a space to allow you to be the curious child you once were who truly believed anything was possible. By tapping into your creativity and imagination, you are able to live in a land of infinite possibilities. Only once your thinking is stretched outside of your comfort level, can you truly live your fabulous life.

The best way to describe a Life Coach is by thinking of a Personal Trainer who helps you with your body goals. As a Life Coach, I help you with any personal goals or dreams you wish you achieve. We have 2 – 3 sessions a month where I help you move forward. Where are you now and where do you want to go? We look at the gap, and fill it in with your vision and strategy. You don’t know where you want to go? That’s ok too, because I help you find clarity of what it is your REALLY WANT? Most people don’t know clearly because they have been so busy with “Life.”

Each week we come up with 2 – 3 mini goals and in a quick amount of time you will see how much you have accomplished. Often people tell me how they get overwhelmed about the process in our initial conversation. I want to remind you, ” Everything happens in baby steps.” I hold you accountable weekly for following through of what it is your really want. It’s hard sometimes you make change happen, which is why I am here to cheer and support you along your fabulous journey called life.

By hiring me you are saying now is the time to create your fabulous life of choice. You aren’t saying I will do this and that tomorrow and tomorrow that never happens. You are taking responsibility of owing your own personal power. You know what happens once you start designing your life your way? Magic!

Life Coach, Lifestyle Host, Elaine Sarantakos

“Having Elaine as a personal life coach has been one of the most rewarding and motivating experiences of the past year. I was dealing with a lot of stress, confusion and goal-disorganization, not to mention my routine was just too hectic due to the multiple tasks I was juggling daily. I had to sort things out and I needed someone else’s take; someone else’s perspective and insight. When I discovered Elaine’s work, I was instantaneously inspired by her positivity, her lifestyle and mindset – I thus immediately contact her and hired her as my ‘fabulous living coach’!

Elaine taught me how to set my goals, prioritize and focus on ‘baby-steps’ rather than fussing about minor things that didn’t even matter in the long run. She aided me in building my confidence and implementing my own talents into what is, currently, my new career and lifestyle.

Even though I have accomplished most of my goals, I can’t get enough of fabulous Elaine! Her encouragement, advice and radiance are what I will keep coming back to every time I need that extra boost of inspiration and positivity! Elaine, you’re the best!!!”

Angie D. – Argos,Greece

“On the verge of a life transformation, I was seeking something that would help bring me to where I wanted to be. Trying to navigate such a journey on your own is not always easy so I decided to take Life Coaching with Elaine. Gently guided by Elaine, I was helped to recognize the barriers that were keeping me from moving forward and then assisted with putting in place the steps that I needed in order to continue onwards. I’ll never again be timid or afraid of being pro-active about my life and well-being. This process has shown me that it’s okay to ask for help, guidance, assistance and support. Elaine, being an unrelated third party, was the perfect person to assist me with this. Her calm and open manner, her non-judgmental nature, and her enthusiasm about my own life made this an extremely easy thing to do. I feel that Life Coaching is a bridge. I saw the river…but didn’t know how to cross it. Now I can say I’m well on my way to the other side and happily at that; and I give most of my thanks to Elaine for this.”

Kelli J. Lake Louise, Canada

“I found my conversations with Elaine to be very positive and comfortable. Most importantly, my coaching with Elaine was very directive, and beneficial to my life’s direction. She assisted me in recognizing my own personal goals and was instrumental in getting me to set a realistic plan that helped me shape my life to be fuller, happier, more personally satisfying and more content. A deeper understanding of my life and its challenges became clearly apparent through my sessions with Elaine of Fabulous Life Coaching.”

Deborah N. Canmore, Canada