About Elaine

Elaine Sarantakos Website

Welcome to my site beautiful people. My name is Elaine Sarantakos and I am a lifestyle blogger/vlogger based in Toronto, Canada. I hope to inspire you to create and design your life anyway that you choose. It is in this blog, that I will focus on self-love which is the key ingredient to making our life one of more passion, and play.

It excites me that we can choose right now how we want to spend our time. I get excited that we can take classes and learn new things. I get inspired that we have so many resources available to us, where we can grow, learn, explore and be!

Some cool experiences I have created in life:

The Traveller – Part 1

– Going on an exchange program to Monterrey, Mexico at 16 for three months to learn Spanish
– Studying Hotel Management in Athens, Greece for three years
– Working on the Greek island of Rhodes, and on the coast of Halkidiki
– Working in the Cayman islands for a year
– Working in the Canadian Rockies in Lake Louise for a year
– Being an Au-Pair in Spain for three months
– In 2011 creating my travel dream project of working 3 weeks a month in Toronto, and having the last week of every month as a vacation around the world.
– Training to become a Life Coach
– Having coaching clients. yay!

The No-Label – Part 2

– Realizing I am MORE THAN TRAVEL
– I am a dancer. Taking Bellydancing classes for almost a year
– Being in a DOVE campaign, My Beauty, My Say
– I enjoy storytelling through digital video editing
– I am writing a book

There is more to come. I am updating this website with more information shortly. Thank you for stopping by!