About Elaine

Elaine Sarantakos Website

My name is Elaine Sarantakos and I am a Life Coach / Lifestyle Host based in Toronto, Canada. I hope to inspire you to create and design your life anyway that you choose through my blog posts and videos. It is in this site, that I will focus on self-love, which is the key ingredient to making our life one of more passion, and play. Here you will find ways to add more self-love, travel & happy into your life.

It excites me that we can choose right now how we want to spend our time. I get excited that we can take classes and learn new things. I get inspired that we have so many resources available to us, where we can grow, learn, explore and be!

For personal Life Coaching sessions, contact esarantakos@gmail.com

Some cool experiences I have created in life:

The Traveller – Part 1

– Going on an exchange program to Monterrey, Mexico at 16 for three months to learn Spanish
– Studying Hotel Management in Athens, Greece for three years
– Working on the Greek island of Rhodes, and on the coast of Halkidiki
– Working in the Cayman islands at a fancy hotel
– Working in the Canadian Rockies in Lake Louise at another stunning property
– Being an Au-Pair in Spain for three months
– In 2011 creating my travel dream project of working 3 weeks a month in Toronto, and having the last week of every month as a vacation around the world.
– Training to become a Life Coach with Coach U
– Member of ICF
– Having coaching clients. yay!

The No-Label – Part 2

– Realizing I am MORE THAN TRAVEL
– I am a dancer. Taking Bellydancing classes
– Being in a DOVE campaign, My Beauty, My Say
– I enjoy storytelling through digital video editing
– Coaching More Clients
– Being asked to join a Bellydancing Troupe
– Being a Game Show Host for an Online App
– I am writing a book

There is more to come. You see in life, we can choose to create, be and have whatever we want. How do you want to create your life?