Centennial Beach, Barrie from Toronto

It’s summertime in Toronto, and it seems everyone is posting their summer holidays down south or in Europe on Instagram and on Facebook. Being barefoot on the beach, enjoying that cocktail and splashing in the sea. That feeling of wanting to get away, but it’s just not happening anytime soon. Uggg, I hear ya! I want to splash in the water too! Good news is that I discovered a gorgeous beach for a day road trip or weekend getaway from Toronto to Barrie’s Centennial Beach!

Getting To Barrie From Toronto
Centennial Beach, Barrie
65 Lakeshore Drive, Barrie (between Toronto Street and Tiffin Street)
110 km from Toronto
1.25 minutes with no traffic
Hot summer days = 2 hours or so with traffic

Barrie, Centennial Beach, Roadtrip, Toronto Getaway We were on a day road trip from Toronto to Wasaga beach for the day. I didn’t arrive to my friend’s house until an hour later, which meant we lost an hour on the road and traffic was brutal! We were already two hours on the road, and Wasaga wasn’t looking reachable for another hour, so we decided to go to check out Barrie’s Centennial Beach.

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At first, I didn’t want to go because I have never heard of any of my friends going to Barrie for swimming. Well, let me tell you, I just love Barrie & it’s gorgeous beach! I even looked up the cost of real estate there when I got home! 🙂 Centennial Beach has to be my favourite beach in Ontario. Toronto beaches are lovely to visit and spend the day at, however the lake is so cold for swimming. Lake Ontario is so massive, that it takes a long time for the water to warm up.

Centennial Beach however, is a lot warmer being a part of Lake Simcoe. The beach is sandy! There is a nice boardwalk for walking, splash pad for children, water activities, food area, washrooms, and lifeguards. The lifeguards even made a reminder for us to drink water, and use sunscreen! Such a happy beach! I hope to be back soon!

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