What to ask yourself to live a life with no regrets

Ever notice how fast life passes us by after our 20’s? We were dying to grow up & had a long bucket-list to squash & now we are so occupied or perhaps just tired, that these life experiences are pushed to the side. I hear ya! Let’s be real, there are nights when I can’t make let alone a proper meal, so I understand how making the time to ask yourself thought provoking questions can be forgotten. (Especially when the new season of Narcos is coming out. Plata o Plomo? 😛 ) Here I share with you what to ask yourself to a live a life with no regrets.

Life Coaching Questions

I was in a park, and randomly saw a mummy on a bench in East Toronto. Random, I know, however it got me thinking, in life coaching we often ask to imagine to see yourself in your later years of your life.

Imagine you are an old lady/man on a bench and you could look back on your life:

* If I could have done anything in my life, what do I wish I could have done?
* What do I wish to experience in my life?
* How do I wish I lived in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc?
* What hobbies & activities would I have wished to have tried?

Look at Your Life As Chapters

Look at your life as different chapters of what you would like to experience. By looking forward to look back on life, we can create a life by design! When I had finished Hotel Management, I applied for a job as a food & beverage server in the Cayman Islands at the Westin Casaurina Resort & Spa. Being asked why I would want to go and work as a server, I thought to myself, if I don’t go now that I am 21 years old, and serve pina coladas barefoot up & down Seven Mile Beach, when will I ever? Live with no regrets! And like that, I went for a year serving fancy cocktails barefoot.

Take Action on Experiences

Last summer for instance, I saw an offer to pay for one year of unlimited bellydance classes, which I couldn’t pass! I had to do it since I love bellydancing. Although there is no age limit when you can learn, I wish I had started in my early 20’s. There are a lot of technical skills to learn/master if you want to learn a high level of dance in the art form. In order to speed up my process of learning, I decided to commit & fast-track for a year! Who knows, maybe next year I won’t be able to dance? Maybe I will have other priorities? Life with no regrets!

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Life happens so fast, which is why it is important to take the time to ask how yourself how you envision living your life and what experiences you wish to create, so you are living a life with no regrets!

Enjoy the video!


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