How To Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you want to know how to get outside your comfort zone? It can be scary, I know! You are doing something outside of your usual routine which means it is the unknown, and this causes room for anxiety and even may make one not even want to go through with it. When I did my live audition for an online game show app with 5k viewers watching, I was so nervous. This was so much outside my comfort zone making me talk really fast. I almost stopped breathing to the point someone tweeted and asked me to breathe. The viewers could see my anxiousness was for real! Comfort zones can be made to feel more comfortable if you want to get outside. Here I share my experiences with dance & the game show to get outside of your comfort zone.

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Last summer I did my first ever bellydancing solo performance at Dragonfly Bellydance where I began my bellydance classes. I had been taking classes for almost 8 months when I decided to dance my first solo, which is a little early considering I didn’t have too many moves, and they weren’t too polished. I was so down in signing up & performing because I LOVE bellydancing! When it came to the actual day, I was a mess full of anxiety & fear. I was practicing for several hours & didn’t even want to eat. What if I mess up? What if I forget my steps to my choreography ( which I am the only one who knows?)

My first performance went well & I enjoyed myself! Since then I have performed two more solos, and they have gotten much easier in terms of feeling more comfortable. I got the game show gig for three months as a game show host! It’s not a secret to get outside your comfort zone. The main ingredient to overcome fear & anxiety is to just jump right into it! After continouslly doing what you fear most, you reach a level eventually of more ease & comfort. From my first online shows to my later ones, I can see my confidence had increased.

Everything that makes it worth it is on the other side of your comfort zone! Jump into it & although you will get those WT# moments, it will be worth it! Keep stretching yourself outside your safe blanket because you never know where you can go! Watch video for more tips!


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