Bellydancing to Ta Mavra Matia Sou

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Bellydancing to Ta Mavra Matia Sou at Dragonfly Bellydance’s Student Uprising Hafla this past Sunday. This was my first bellydancing choreography dance piece I have made. Yay! I had taken Zahira’s Choreography class at the studio, which helped a lot with structure, tips & support. I am more of a improvisational bellydancer performer, however I can see how having some structured choreography can really polish a piece & make you become one with the music.

So what does “Ta Mavra Matia Sou” mean? It means “Your Black Eyes” in Greek. This is a Greek bouzouki version of the Arabic song “Nebtedy Minen El Hakaya” by the famous composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab. (There are many versions of the Arabic spelling.) I actually didn’t know there was an Arabic version, until my instructor mentioned it. You know those Greeks think they invented everything! 😛 Ta Mavra Matia Sou is considered a classic song in Greece in the world of bellydance and is regarded as a favourite. Manolis Aggelopoulos brought this song to popularity in Greece in the 60’s. I really enjoy his love songs because his voice is so deep & dreamy. 🙂

It is hard for me to choose a bellydance song that I want to dance to. I have to really love the song, so a helpful question I now ask myself is, “If you were an old lady and wanted to look back on your performances, which songs would you have wished you performed to?’ That really helps an indecisive bellydancer like myself, because I am able to quickly choose a song that is really special to me. 🙂

My Grandmother Maria was diagnosed my Alzheimer’s ( God Bless you Giagia) and with this disease, music helps them remember. Here is a short clip of my Grandmother singing Ta Mavra Matia Sou, which she recalls from her youth. She is so sweet. I love you Giagia!

Ta Mavra Matia Sou – Giagia ❤️️ #alzheimerssucks but she's so cute.

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I had a wonderful time performing the special song, Ta Mavra Matia Sou. I enjoyed watching the variety of bellydance performances. Thank you to Zahira and the beautiful ladies in the Choreography class!


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