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I am thrilled to be a part of Dove’s new campaign, #MyBeautyMySay. Here 9 women, ( including myself, yay!) share our stories of what society may perceive as a flaw, and what we love and embrace! We were chosen each with a different story of our unique attribute, what society has said about it, and how we chose to respond. I was chosen for sharing my stories of gap teeth love online through vlogs on my YouTube channel and on my previous blog. Here is a link to my story on Dove UK’s site.

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When I was younger in school, people would think it was fun to tease me asking if I work at The GAP clothing store. (Funny enough, I did one year when I was 16 years old over Christmas. 🙂 ) And they would laugh. They would ask if I could put a toonie ( Canadian $2 coin) in between my gap. My teeth were always something kids could make fun of if they wanted to tease me. For some reason it didn’t bother me and I thought they were silly.

I like my teeth. Okay, I LOVE my teeth! They are squarish and there is a gap.These teeth have been passed on from generation to generation on my Dad’s side of the family. Well, I at least like to think of it like that because my Dad has them and his father did. That’s cool, right? I feel my teeth are a part of my personal story, my family history, and they are an expression of who I am.

Dove, #MyBeautyMySay
As I have grown up, I have had people tell me they can “fix” my teeth. ” You know you can fix those teeth quite easily.” It’s funny how these people trying to “help me”, are assuming I want to “fix” my teeth. I remember working years ago at a middle-eastern restaurant and I was near the take-out counter when a man came in to get a falafel and shawarma on a pita. He told me how he could fix my teeth quite easily. He was a dentist, so he thought he was really trying to help me. Well either that, or get a new client. lol This is the WRONG girl to say that to.( Okay Elaine, you’re 32 years old now, enough with the girl talk.he he ) Okay, this is the WRONG woman to say that to! I basically told him that I LOVE MY GAP TEETH. I gave him a run-down on my gap teeth family-tree. I told how Jennifer Lopez insured her ass, well I would do the same thing if I became rich, but for my teeth. He probably thought I was LOCA! lol But seriously, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE advising me how I can fix myself. You don’t know my story, and how I feel about my teeth. If I was insecure, you would probably make me feel less confident.

I am comfortable with me being me with these gap teeth.. If my teeth were “fixed”, I personally would not feel the Elaine I am right now. I see my teeth as something that is real and a part of my authentic self. Throughout the years these comments have made me spread gap teeth love! If I see people with gap teeth, I compliment them! I take pictures with them. I think it’s cool. 🙂 I have also made a few videos about my gap teeth, including all the stories I have heard from all over the world. I have heard I will marry a man with money, to you will be very successful, to you are really good in bed. The last comment was said my a Jamaican man in the Cayman Islands making jerked chicken. Hilarious!

From the above video, I received a lot of comments, and it inspired me to make a video in how to be more confident about your teeth!

Everyone has something uniquely beautiful about themselves. I believe in this campaign #MyBeautyMySay because we are real women, with real stories of beauty. By sharing our stories, we are celebrating our beauty, and opening a space for others to share their stories. I am not speaking on behalf of Dove, but what I have seen through my videos in the comments! By sharing my stories, I have had people feel good, embrace themselves more, and feel better. If I can make you feel more self-love by making a video, I am so happy and touched. I will make more! 🙂 You’re beautiful. Love yourselves my pretty friends.

xoxo Elaine

Here is a video about my experience with Dove! 🙂

Disclaimer - All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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