How To Learn A Language Quickly Watching Netflix

So let’s just say binge-watching Netflix can be a good thing, and rather beneficial if you want to improve your language skills when watching a foreign show!I started watching a show recently called Velvet with the intention of just watching it. I was hooked right after the first episode, and the main character Alberto became….. my t.v boyfriend! Intense, I know. 😛 The show gets you right in from love, to wealth, estate and inheritance. Oh yes, you never know what’s going to happen next! It’s a Spanish series taking place in the 50/60’s in Madrid and is a Telenovela, a soap opera. Okay….. it’s probably more for ladies and it’s a romance drama. It’s too good that I almost missed hot yoga to watch another episode!

Learn, Quickly, Language, improve, Spanish

So here I was watching this series, and at episode 10 I really noticed that my Spanish skills had improved greatly! I didn’t have to rely as much on the subtitles, and was really going with it. It was natural, and effortless. If you don’t know this about me, when I was 16 years old, I was an exchange student in Monterrey, Mexico for three months, and I have also spent a summer in Spain. However, I don’t practice my Spanish on a daily basis and if you don’t, well it starts to slip and you forget slowly.

However thanks to Alberto, I have learned a few things!


* Binge-watching a series in a foreign language will speed up comprehension.
* Listening skills had improved from episode 1 relying on subtitles to episode 10, not needing them as much.
* Phrases and expressions not in textbooks are learned.
* I started reading a Spanish book with greater ease, and flow after watching the show.
* I have a t.v boyfriend in Spain! Ole!


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