Exploring Queen West & Graffiti Alley in Toronto when travelling the city

Hey Everyone,

In this video I am exploring Queen Street West and Graffiti Alley in Toronto. Queen Street West, also know as just Queen West is one of the cities trendiest shopping areas. Speaking of shopping, it’s also called the Fashion District! You’ll be able to find lots of cool shops, outdoor patios, live music, tattoo places, and craft beer. I stopped at Tequila Bookworm for a pint of Kensington Watermelon Wheat! Yum!

Tequila Bookworm, Queen Street West, Toronto

Right in the same area, you’ll be able to visit Graffiti Alley, also know as Rush Lane. It’s packed with lots of creative expression and can be found between Queen St. West & Richmond St. You can enter from Spadina Ave. or Portland Street.

If you have time, check out Chinatown and Kensington Market which are in the same area. 🙂

Take Care Travel Peeps,

Elaine xx

Street Art, Graffiti Alley, Toronto


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