Barrio Cerveceria Leslieville

It is summertime in the city of Toronto, which means with nice weather comes patio getaways. As soon as you find a cool patio in the city, you have to share it with your friends! I was walking on Queen St. E with friends, when I noticed there was a vibrant, happening Mexican outdoor patio at Barrio Cerveceria in Leslieville on the corner of Queen St. E and Booth Ave. Since Barrio in Spanish means neighbourhood, this would mean the name suggests it’s the neighbourhood hangout for a beer. And who wouldn’t want a cold beer on a beautiful Mexican patio on a hot Toronto summer day, along with some yummy Mexican food? I had to come back!

It looked bright, festive, and was of course playing Latin music. I don’t know about you, but when I hear Latin music, there’s an instant feeling of being on a vacation in Mexico or Cuba. Those vibes of feeling like you’re swimming up to a pool bar. There is a refreshing taste of lime somewhere in your margarita, beer, and mojito. I know you know what I am talking about. Okay, so there isn’t a swim-up pool bar at this Mexican Leslieville patio, but the vibe is there! It doesn’t look like I’ll be heading South anytime this summer, so you can find me at Barrio Cerveceria in Leslieville.

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Since we came earlier in the afternoon, the side patio that is more festive hadn’t opened yet. The side patio opens on weekdays at 4:00 p.m. and a little earlier on the weekends I was told.

Mexican patio Toronto, Barrio Cerveceria, Elaine Sarantakos, Leslieville, Toronto

I ordered a Chelada to drink which is a refreshing beer from the Barrio, the “neighbourhood” with lime! Large pint glass, salted with lime! Yummy! My sister ordered a mojito, which is always a good idea.

Barrio Cerveceria Leslieville


Since we weren’t too hungry, we ordered two appetizers to have with our refreshing drinks.

Guacamole del Barrio: Freshly mashed guacamole topped with cilantro, morita oil & tortilla chips

Ceviche 7 Mares: Lime cured shrimp and scallops with pico de gallo and morita oil. Comes with totopos and freshly made chips

Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely return to try some more items from the menu, and the summer Mexican patio vibe!

Barrio Cerveceria Leslieville

Barrio Cerveceria Leslieville

Leslieville, Summer Patio Toronto, Elaine Sarantakos

Getting There

Barrio Cerveceria
884 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1J3
Call. 647-352-0884